The Six Killer Apps of Prosperity

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December 8, 2014

The Six Killer Apps of Prosperity


The Six Killer Apps of Prosperity

Niall Ferguson's speech, The Six Killer Apps of Prosperity, is essentially his view on why the Western Civilizations took over as powerhouses compared to those of other Countries. He starts by telling us how much of the world's wealth belongs to whom and when it was all made (the 1800's primarily). This wealth, for multiple reasons explained later, was or is owned by the Westerners. These Westerners only make up 19% of the world. This is exponential, and as Niall and many other historians liked to call it, the great divergence.

The great divergence is the separation of wealth between different parts of the world. This Great divergence, though, cannot be explained by imperialism. Imperialism is the policy in which a country gains power through diplomacy or military force. There has to be more to it then that. Geography barely even has anything to do with it. Where a country is helps with getting resources and has a strategic location for military purposes. These only go so far though. So what could it be?

To answer the question above, Niall describers to his viewers his explanation as to why there is such a difference in wealth distribution. He calls his reasons "The Six Killer Apps of Prosperity." These apps are essential for countries to succeed economically. He says you can come up with more or limit them down to four, but you'll lose. These six apps include competition, the scientific revolution, property rights, modern medicine, consumer society, and work ethic.

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